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Popular Monterey restaurant tells the story behind its food and wine

18 Mar 2013 11:53 AM
Popular Monterey restaurant tells the story behind its food and wine

As consumers' appetites for local, natural food grow, many restaurants are learning that highlighting the story of the food they serve can be almost as important as the food itself. Pacific's Edge Restaurant, one of the most popular fine dining spots in Monterey, is taking this philosophy to heart, and the restaurant has begun hosting two ongoing events designed to give owners of Monterey real estate a chance to better understand the story behind the dishes and drinks served at the restaurant.

Pacific's Edge - which is located in the Highlands Inn, one of Monterey's most historic hotels - has become synonymous with the city's local food scene. Focusing on freshly caught seafood and dishes made with farm-fresh produce, Pacific's Edge makes sure that its food reflects the region's climate, culinary heritage and abundance of local fruits, vegetables and meats. Dishes like Monterey Bay Abalone and Heirloom Tomato Salad showcase the restaurant's devotion to local ingredients and carefully crafted dishes.

To help highlight this dedication, the restaurant has started two new programs that will run throughout 2013: the "Meet the Farmer" lunch series and the "Meet the Winemakers" dinner program. Each of these recurring events is designed to educate diners and help build a bridge between consumers and growers.

"We are very excited about our 2013 series," said Paul Fried, the restaurant's Wine Director. "We believe making wine is, in essence, farming, and in step with out farm-to-table philosophy. Our wine dinner series brings the farmers' passion for quality and natural goods to our guests."

On March 21, for example, the restaurant will host an interview with winemakers from the nearby Mi Sueno Winery. Although still relatively young, the Napa Valley winery has become a supplier for many of the state's best restaurants.

It's not all about the wine, however. Pacific's Edge will also welcome local farmers throughout the year as part of its "Meet the Farmer" series. Representatives from the Monterey Abalone Company, Local Wild Food Forager and Carmel Valley Olive Oil Company are among the farmers invited to the restaurant to discuss the processes by which they farm, fish and harvest.