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George Bernard Shaw production comes to Monterey

25 Sep 2012 8:22 AM
New George Bernard Shaw production comes to Monterey

As he was writing plays during the late 19th and early 20th century, the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was famous for exploring complex social issues with sharp wit. He quickly became one of the most famous minds of his time, and in the century since he has earned the reputation as one of history's truly great dramatists.

For this reason, Shaw's plays are still performed throughout the world, and they never seem to grow dated. In a new production in Monterey, one of Shaw's most philosophical plays is delighting local audiences. "Don Juan in Hell, Man and Superman - Act III" is currently in production at Monterey's Paper Wing Theatre at 329 Hoffman Ave., where it will be running through September 29. Owners of Monterey real estate can head over to the theater to watch as Shaw's characters wrestle with some of the world's largest philosophical and religious questions.

The play focuses on three characters from Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni" as they meet in Hell and debate a range of puzzling philosophical dilemmas with the devil.

Amazingly, for a play with such deep and complicated motifs, this production is being directed by a relative newcomer to the scene, Jourdain Barton, who, according to Monterey Bay Adventures, is still a student at Monterey Peninsula College. Despite her young age, Barton has been receiving acclaim for this and other productions.

"She is drawn to the classics," Koly McBride, the artistic director at the Paper Wing, told the news source. "When she directed 'Prometheus Bound' a few months ago, it filled the house. People were drawn to it. Her modernization."

Monterey residents hoping for a glimpse of an up-and-coming local director may want to stop by the Paper Wing for this modern retelling of one of George Bernard Shaw's most thought-provoking plays.