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A perfect event for Monterey's golf-loving residents

7 Nov 2012 5:04 PM
A perfect event for Monterey's golf-loving residents

With its warm weather and multitude of nationally known courses, California is often considered one of America's most popular and important golf destinations. Across the state, prestigious tournaments and exhibitions allow fans of the sport to catch glimpses of some of the game's best players.

This is especially true in regions like Monterey, which is known for having some of the best-tended and most admired courses in the country. In fact, one of the most popular annual tournaments, the Callaway Golf Pebble Beach Invitational, is about to begin. This tournament is known for its competitive play, star-studded lineup and beautiful scenery.

However, unlike some of the other esteemed tournaments, the Pebble Beach Invitational allows for a more laid-back, up-close-and-personal experience. True fans of the sport can get front-row seats to watch modern masters drive, chip and putt their way through one of the country's most beautiful courses.

In addition to the more relaxed atmosphere, the tournament is unique for several other reasons. According to the tournament's official website, the Callaway Pebble Beach Invitational is the world's only tournament that features players from the PGA, LPGA, Champions and tours.

The course's closeness to many of the luxury homes in Monterey makes it a perfect chance for local fans to experience the thrill of top-flight golfing in person. Many people travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to watch this tournament, but Monterey residents can practically roll out of bed and watch this remarkable event.

Golf fans in the area will likely be excited for this year's field, which features both local and national pros. This year's tournament will be held from November 13-18 at the Pebble Beach Golf Links at 1700 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach.