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Multi-sided fireplaces found in upscale Monterey real estate

28 Jun 2013 5:59 PM
Multi-sided fireplaces found in upscale Monterey real estate

The moderate climate of Monterey, California affords its residents the opportunity to spend much of their time outside, but also to enjoy the comforts of the great indoors. Increasingly, a design trend that has been observed in many area residences is the inclusion of multi-sided fireplaces. These features provides interior rooms a cultured appearance and act a focal point for outdoor living areas.

Have you been looking for an elegant update for your Monterey real estate? By having one of these unique features installed, you could take advantage of a number of benefits.

Seamlessly blends indoors and outdoors
Multi-sided fireplaces are commonly found within external walls of a home, acting as both a source of warmth and a window. Combining a rustic charm with a contemporary style, these features can be customized to your personal preferences. Numerous design options are available, which can help to couple separate living spaces and blur the line between the home's exterior and interior. If you enjoy entertaining friends and family outside, this could substantially enhance the aesthetic values of your outdoor area.

Provides source of heat
Though California is highly regarded for its sunny weather and warm temperatures, multi-sided fireplaces can be a great source of warmth during nighttime hours when the mercury dips. Homeowners can choose between using traditional firewood or the much cleaner and more manageable alternative natural gas as fuel. Additionally, many of these fixtures can be operated even in the event of a power outage, as they include backup energy systems.

Numerous safety features
While multi-sided fireplaces can create a lavish atmosphere in luxury homes, it is important that owners make sure to maintain a high degree of safety. Such features can come equipped with heat sensors that regulate the intensity of the flames and many can be extinguished with just the push of a button. In addition to temperature-gauging technology, the fireplace can be surrounded by tempered glass that may help reduce the risk of guests or children getting too close to the blaze.

Becomes focal point of residence
These features are often one of the highlights of an upscale property, and offer homeowners and guests a number of opportunities for entertainment. Whether you're interested in intimate fireside conversation or roasting hotdogs and marshmallows with your kids, multi-sided fireplaces can be found at the center of many social activities. They also can provide for memorial events, as their addition to external spaces can enhance the decor of garden parties and outdoor gatherings.