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Going modern while staying rustic

25 Jan 2013 10:45 AM
Going modern while staying rustic

Many people have a hard time finding the perfect balance between classicism and modernity in their homes. Upgrading a house can often come at the expense of the property's inherent charms and personality, so many people feel constrained when they undertake a new renovation project. However, creative homeowners are increasingly finding new ways to update their homes without sacrificing any of the house's classic features.

In terms of Monterey real estate, this challenge can be especially important. Many of the homes in this region are stately older properties, which makes it difficult for their owners to go into a renovation project without feeling pangs of doubt.

For the record
One Monterey resident, however, found a creative solution. When Ashley Lathrop, a design enthusiast and herself the owner of a 1927 Spanish Colonial home, was called in to convert a client's office into a cutting-edge recording studio, she was careful to make sure she protected the space's original integrity.

"The client didn't want it to be cold and feel empty," she told Carmel Magazine. "We wanted it to look old and rustic in the midst of all the technology."

Thus, through ingenuity and dedication, Lathrop and the client created a recording studio that feels more like an elegant library. The floors are designed to look like aged wood but are in fact made of durable rubber, and thick-cushioned couches are used to provide more sound proofing without damaging the room's aesthetic.

Lathrop's choices for this recording studio are in line with an emerging style known as modern-rustic. According to Homelife, the idea behind this movement is to make use of modern design advances - by using durable materials and allowing for high-tech appliances - while simultaneously creating a space that evokes old-world charm.

According to the source, some of the methods used to achieve this are relatively simple - like painted floorboards and modern fireplaces - while others require a more considerable effort of time and money. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially well suited for a modern-rustic renovation, the source reports, as these rooms benefit greatly from technological improvements but are also integral to a house's overall character.