Sandra Schirmer

Sandra Schirmer’s passion for real estate began in the early 80’s. She married into a real estate/construction company and quickly noticed that they needed help in making their projects more attractive. Sandra's not a procrastinator so she quickly re-enrolled in college to study interior design. She practiced design for several years until, after having her fourth child, she found she needed to focus on them.

Sandra is very patient and has developed excellent listening skills to communicate well with her clients to help them reach their goals. She has a wide range of knowledge in real estate from commercial sales, leasing and management to all aspects of residential real estate. Sandra has been a realtor since 2004, but as an assistant before that, she has seen the real estate cycle for over 4 decades…yikes….many years! She knows how to maneuver through the distressed market from practicing real estate in Sacramento County through 2010 and is creative and thinks all the possible ways to attain her clients' wishes.

Sandra moved back to Monterey County were she was born and raised in 2010 and is now living in Pacific Grove. This is ‘home’ to her and coming back to live in this area after so many years has given her a heightened appreciation of the beauty and splendor of this part of the country.

During her ‘time off’, Sandra still thinks about real estate and her clients, always putting their best interests first, and making sure they are still taken care of when she's gone. Many of them have become dear friends and lifetime clients. Leisure time is time family and friends and Sandra is always ready to meet up for a getaway on short notice. Sandra's four adult children and grandson are her pride and joy!

If you want to know more about the market, or are exploring the idea or buying or selling a property, please call on Sandra. She would take great pleasure in being your advocate.