Motivated by client satisfaction and fulfillment, Irwin has a proven track record of outstanding performance in the real estate, information technology and financial services industries, giving him the ability to get his clients the results they desire. He is a very unique Realtor who specializes in finding buyers for truly special properties. Irwin's extensive background in commercial, retail and residential portfolios gives him insight into all aspects of the transaction, whether the client is on the selling or buying side of the transaction.

Irwin has double degrees in finance and accounting from Oklahoma State University, with a minor in economics. He holds licenses to practice real estate in California and Texas, and also serves as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas. He is a member of several Realtor boards in California and Texas, as well as public accounting boards in Texas. While he has been around the real estate industry since childhood, with his parents teaching him everything they could as agents, he has vast experience as a real estate developer, enabling him to see solutions from perspectives that most other agents would not see.

The primary goal for Irwin is client satisfaction. He uses his real estate experience and his technical and analytical skills to make sure that every client walks away from their transaction feeling like they achieved the best deal possible. His eye for design and architecture and his ability to match clients' needs, no matter what those might be, give him the advantage over most other Realtors. Clients who work with Irwin become friends of his, knowing they can always rely on him to be there for them when they want to buy or sell properties in the future.

Whether you are buying, selling or just want more information about the market, please feel free to contact Irwin anytime. He looks forward to helping clients with their needs no matter how simple or complex.