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Monterey Peninsula, Northern California

Gabrielle Mancuso

Gabrielle Mancuso, Ph.D. and Real Estate Broker, specializes in “toes in the sand,” oceanfront, luxury homes. She has unique view of Carmel's culture and community, which began when her parents (both Los Gatos residents) had their summer home in Carmel during her childhood. As an adult, Gabrielle moved to Carmel for her own children to enjoy the best in education, and has been a full-time resident for the past three decades.

As a commercial real estate broker since the early ‘90s, Dr. Mancuso has more than 16 years of experience in the real estate industry.

She is also a college level professor who has higher educational degrees in psychology, philosophy, and neurolinguistics, and presently gives workshops in her favorite area of expertise: Real Estate Social Networking.

Dr. Mancuso is truly and uniquely qualified to interact on clients’ behalf when buying or selling. Her skilled, successful background in the world of business and academia, along with her years of experience in real estate, come to life through her vivacious and generous personality. She prides herself on being honest, positive, and personable, while using her excellent negotiating skills to benefit her buying and selling clients to achieve their real estate goals. Different than many other real estate agents, Gabrielle has a charming calm about her that brings all sides of a transaction to its very best conclusion.

She has a wealth of knowledge, and is placed in a category that includes some the most elite real estate professionals on the Coast of California.

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