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Los Angeles real estate market continues to show gains

27 Jun 2013
As the national economy continues to strengthen and real estate markets across the U.S. show repeated signs of substantial improvement, evidence of such growth is being seen in California. Los Angeles, the Golden State's largest city, has been the center of many positive housing developments in recent months, and can afford a number of attract Read More

Los Angeleans update, enhance backyards with natural swimming pools

18 Jun 2013
California has long been the cultural center of the West Coast, with its largest city acting as the venue for innovation in fashion, music, film and design. As summer months approach as temperatures continue to rise, an increasing number of owners of Los Angeles real estate have decided to adopt a trend seen on affluent European estates and incorp Read More

Mending the chain: Fleetwood Mac returns to L.A.

7 Jun 2013
Thirty-five years ago, Fleetwood Mac released the album "Rumours," which would go platinum a staggering 11 times and become the band's hallmark album. At the time, the album seemed to signal the end of the band - the group's twin romances appeared to be fraying and tensions were high. In many ways, these harbingers were justified Read More