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The best hotel pools in LA

3 Jun 2014 9:31 AM
The best hotel pools in LA

There's a lot of perks that come with living in Los Angeles, and getting to hang out poolside for a large potion of the year is one of the best ones. There are luxury homes where you can take a dip all over the state, of course - but none can compare to the lush extravagance offered by the finest pools in Los Angeles' storied hotels. These aren't just places to take a swim. These are some of the hottest spots in LA.

When you're hanging out poolside at the hotels listed below, then you're hanging out with the cultural elite of one of the world's media centers. As many who frequent these locations would be sure to admit, you might even find yourself sitting next to a movie star. 

The Standard Downtown LA
One of the most iconic spots in all of Los Angeles is a pool - the one situated on the rooftop of the Standard Downtown LA. In fact, this pool was voted as one of the top ten swimming pools in the whole world by Travel and Leisure - so you can trust that it's more than deserving of its high pedigree. 

Is that not enough to sell you on the luxuries of the Standard Downtown? How about this then: the pool also offers vibrating waterbeds for you to lie on once you step out. Of course, you should hit the cocktail lounge before you lie down on any of them - the drink selection is fantastic.

This outdoor pool isn't just one of the best spots to swim in LA - it's one of the best spots in LA, period. And if you manage to show up on one of the nights where the hotel has brought in a DJ to host a pool party, then check your expectations at the door, because it's going to be a fun night.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
If you're looking for a pool with a little bit of character to it, check out the Tropicana at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This one's a Hollywood standard - they even show movies on Monday nights! Those movie parties come with themed cocktails and special guests, and provide a welcome night out after a long day's work. 

With its sunny, palm tree-laden surroundings, few LA pools offer a more relaxing getaway than the Tropicana Bar. You can come during the day for a relaxing sit-down, or during the night time for a slightly more amped-up energy. Designed by David Hockney, this one offers a veritable vacation from the world outside - its not just the drinks and the dancing, but the general atmosphere. 

The W. Hollywood Hotel
If you're looking for something a bit more playful than it is historic, check out the WET Deck at the W Hollywood. This meticulously designed pool deck sits on high, above the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. Once you're there, all you have to do is pull up a lounge chair - and you'll be sitting on top of one of the media capitals of the world.

During the week, the W can provide one of the most relaxing pool spots available, complete with a luxury cabana for guests looking to add a small bit of privacy to their waterside afternoon.

If you're looking for a party, though, wait for the weekend: the WET Deck provides lively pool parties every Saturday and Sunday, every week. The hotel itself warns: this is no location for children. Instead, this is for the people who want to find the hottest party - at one of the hottest pools - in LA.