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The greatest museums in Los Angeles

25 Jul 2014 10:59 AM
The Greatest Museums in Los Angeles

It may be a stretch to call Los Angeles the cultural capital of the world, but it comes pretty close, at the very least. Of course, Hollywood is producing the vast majority of the world's most popular films, and shipping them worldwide from the West Coast - but that's not the only way that Los Angeles and the rest of California serve as an artistic standout. As you'll see, the area also boasts one of the nation's greatest collection of museums. Below, we've listed just four - but even after you've visited this handful, you'll have many, many others left to investigate.

The Getty Center
There's a lot of art museums located throughout Los Angeles - but very few have a collection as comprehensive as that hosted at the Getty Center. Modern art, photographs, architectural designs and much more line the hallways of this institution.

Best of all, it's completely free. There's a charge for parking at the Getty Center, but none for actually entering its doors. That makes it a perfect place for families, tourists and gatherings alike. It doesn't matter if you're a lifelong Californian or a businessperson in town for a single day, if you don't make it down to the Getty Center, then you're not taking advantage of the great culture that Los Angeles has to offer. 

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
LACMA, as it's more commonly known, has a large collection of artwork in many different forms - but it's perhaps best known for presenting one of the country's greatest repertory film programs. As you read this, the Museum is currently hosting a full retrospective of the films by the great incendiary American artist Spike Lee. They also run film series based around Academy Award winners, the latest and greatest American independent films and many other fields of focus. So, if you want to see a movie - but don't want to deal with the trashy trappings you see at a chain multiplex - then LACMA is surely your next stop.

The Hollywood Museum
On the other hand, if you're more interested in the mythology of Hollywood than you are in the movies that place pumps out, then this Museum - right across the street from the theater where the Oscars are awarded every year - will be your dream destination. Filled with various totems depicting historical moments of movie making and stardom, the Hollywood Museum in the Max Factor Building offers the clearest glimpse into the stars who have helped to give Los Angeles the mystique that it maintains to this very day.

The Griffith Observatory
Maybe you're more interested in actual stars than in Hollywood stars. In that case, make your way over to the observatory in Griffith Park - where many different super-powered telescopes are ready and waiting to help you gaze out into the infinite. There are also planetarium shows and many other wonderful exhibits for all sky-gazers to enjoy. 

If you'd rather look at the cityscape than the sky, you can enjoy the view of the Los Angeles skyline - the Griffith offers one of the very best vantage points, bar none, from which to enjoy that view. Like all the aforementioned museums here - and many others that have gone unmentioned - there's no shortage of beautiful things to gaze at, and complex ideas to ponder, at the Griffith Observatory. All Angelenos residing in the area's luxury real estate would do well to pay it a visit, alongside all the other great museums that are located in Los Angeles.