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The Living Room combines a relaxed atmosphere and fine dining

1 May 2013 10:01 AM
The Living Room combines a relaxed atmosphere and fine dining

In a home, the living room is often the coziest and most relaxing room - a great place to lounge by the fire or enjoy a great meal. In the Hamptons, The Living Room - a Swedish-influenced restaurant ticked into the Maidstone Hotel on Main Street - has a similar reputation. Expertly outfitted and filled with tasty, elegant dishes, the eatery has become a favorite among owners of Hamptons real estate looking for the perfect spot for a leisurely meal and a great atmosphere. 

Combining fine dining with fresh, local ingredients and creative platings, The Living Room has emerged as one of the Hamptons' most respected restaurants. Mathias Brogie, the restaurant's Chef du Cuisine, has developed a reputation for sticking closely to the tenets of the Slow Food Movement - local, seasonal produce simply and carefully prepared. The result is something Brogie calls "New American with a Scandinavian Twist." 

This hybrid cuisine results in dishes such as Grilled Atlantic Char, Herb Marinated Spring Chicken and Tournedos Rossini, the last of which combines asparagus, bone marrow and Hudson Valley foie gras. In keeping with the restaurant's dedication to promoting reliably sourced ingredients, the Hudson Valley foie gras gets its own story on the menu.

"The essence of farming is caring for animals. At Hudson Valley Foie Gras, this is especially true. Their ducks are kept cage free allowing them to exercise, socialize and live a stress free life. Their caretakers spend hours each day with the ducks, and only hand feeding is used at this unique farm," the menu reads.

It's easy to see how Brogie's unique approach, classical technique and seriousness about fine dining help elevate The Living Room above similar restaurants. This doesn't mean the venue is haughty or stuffy, though - the high-minded food is counterbalanced by a relaxed atmosphere that gives credence to the eatery's name. Tables at the restaurant are close together, often resulting in free-flowing conversations between diners who, before the meal started, were complete strangers.

In her review for Hamptons Magazine, food critic Sylvie Bigar called this relaxed, friendship-forming milieu as one of the restaurant's biggest assets. Combined with the colorful design and unique art choices, it's easy to see why the restaurant is one of the most in-demand restaurants in the region.

"[The Living Room is] a mosaic of busy turquoise and fuchsia touches, flowery wallpaper and a whitewashed wood floor that nicely reverberates the jolly buzz," Bigar wrote.

For its creative design and carefully crafted food, The Living Room is likely to remain one of the Hamptons' hottest restaurants for many years.