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Savor fine caviar at a Los Angeles gourmet shop

24 Jul 2012 10:20 AM
Savor fine caviar at a Los Angeles gourmet shop

Caviar is a flavorful delicacy enjoyed by many Golden State residents. In fact, visitors sometimes travel to Los Angeles to take a taste from some of the top caviar gourmet shops in the United States.

Aristocrats and sophisticated gourmands have celebrated the incredible taste of caviar for millennia. Greek scholar Aristotle was one of the first to experience this delicacy, as the gourmet offering was served at banquets in that time. Since then, caviar has grown to become an elegant menu item at gourmet dining establishments.

Fans of varieties such as Bowfin, Hackleback and Salmon Roe will appreciate a trip to one of these locations.

Beverly Hills Caviar
Beverly Hills Caviar has supplied locals with a wide selection of specialty foods for 33 years. This major gourmet food distributor offers caviar from across the globe, in addition to delivering high-quality services to visitors.

Caviar offerings including dried, Russian Sevruga and spicy black choices are only a few of the items at this shop. The venue typically supports longtime patrons, as its customers include cruise lines, major supermarkets and owners of Los Angeles luxury real estate. Additionally, newcomers can purchase supplies such as mini blinis and seaweed wraps to help savor their first taste of this fine delicacy.

Petrossian, a West Hollywood boutique and restaurant, treats diners to caviar with breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The Los Angeles Times recently named the venue one of the best local dining deals, as it provides visitors with a nibble of French cuisine from its home on North Robertson Boulevard.

This is a great spot for those interested in trying caviar for the first time because you can learn about the delicacy by taking a caviar class. Petrossian educates visitors with three offerings, and students may experience the rich flavors of basic and gourmet selections.

Caviar Express
Make caviar a part of your traditions after enjoying a trip to Caviar Express. This Southern California establishment has been family owned and operated since 1967, and has consistently supported importers and retailers throughout the nation.

Plenty of fresh, top-notch selections are at your disposal when you visit this shop, including Imperial and Ossetra caviar. Meanwhile, you'll find the perfect gourmet accompaniments like creme fraiche and smoked salmon. Accessories are also available that can help you set the tone for an exquisite dinner party or celebration, including deluxe vodka glasses, mother-of-pearl spoons and silver-plated serving dishes.