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Los Angeles' finest beaches

30 Jun 2014 2:48 PM
Los Angeles' finest beaches

What good is owning luxury real estate in Los Angeles if you just spend all of your days on the property itself? This Californian city offers connections to some of the best beaches in the state, country and world. It's one of the great privileges offered by the West Coast: kicking back, relaxing, reading a book, having a drink and soaking up the rays - of both sun and positive energy - offered by these sumptuous world-class beaches.

Listed below are some of the finest beach fronts that Los Angeles has to offer. Some are perfect for families, others for a quiet relaxing day, another for surfing expeditions and others for entirely different reasons. The beautiful thing about the many beaches of this city is that they all have their own special features and attractions to offer - they're all picturesque in their own individual way. One thing remains constant across all of them, however: if you take a day to go to any of these beaches lining the different sections of Los Angeles, there's no chance that you'll leave disappointed. 

Hermosa Beach
Looking for a delectable snack and a delicious drink to go along with your day by the beach? Then you won't do much better than Hermosa Beach, or the numerous outdoor cafes that line its borders. When you're hanging out on Pier Plaza, you get the beautiful "day off at the beach" vibe and then some. The never-ending lines of shops and food outlets here will keep you nourished and entertained until the sun goes down. Time will be flying so fast with all this fun, you'll find yourself wondering where your day went - all while you bask in the beautiful orange glow of the sunset, provided by the world-class view at the end of the aforementioned pier. 

Santa Monica Beach
The Santa Monica beach essentially runs for the entirety of Santa Monica itself, and is one of the iconic getaways of the entire Californian coast. The Santa Monica pier, as well, remains one of the cities' most long-lasting - and consistently entertaining - attractions: everything from top-shelf diners and restaurants to locations offering video games and fortune telling services are lined up and down the pier. For a good time, few locations are as much of a sure thing as the Santa Monica beach and its surrounding attractions.

Manhattan Beach
This South Bay beach, with its famous pier overlooking the water, is one of LA's finest destinations altogether - not only in the beaches category. The 50-plus volleyball nets has made this an ultimate destination for sporty west coasters of all ages and sizes, but this beach has much more to offer than just fun and games. Perhaps no area on this list offers as much convenience - this location sports restrooms, showers, a bike path, access to easy parking and much more.

Cabrillo Beach
Located off of beautiful San Pedro, this beach is a perfect destination for families - one side of the beach has breakwater perfect for surfing, and the other side has an open harbor that kids can splash around in to their hearts' content. Better yet, once your time on the sand has come to an end, you can saunter over to the gorgeous Cabrillo Marine Aquarium nearby and keep the fun going all day long. With tide pool tanks, a number of wonderful exhibits and much more, the Aquarium is sure to provide the perfect cap to what can be a perfect day at the beach. 

Dockweiler Beach
Dockweiler Beach is located near the LAX flight path, so this beach isn't for you if you don't want to have to hear any loud noises during your day off. But, if you've got kids who might enjoy watching the jets go to and fro, or if you simply don't mind the noises that come along with the airport, then this LA beach - which is outfitted with fire pits and an RV park for those who may be arriving in the middle of a road trip - is sure to tickle your fancy. 

Venice Beach
At the edge of Santa Monica Beach comes Venice, and alongside Venice Beach comes the just-as-famous Venice Boardwalk. We mentioned that Manhattan Beach is perfect for those who want to bounce the volleyball around - Venice Beach, on the other hand, is perfect for those who are into a different class of sport. There's the famous gym area over at Muscle Beach, and past that there's plenty of space on the boardwalk for skating, cycling or even playing Basketball. Whether you're coming for a space on the sand or to play a few games, Venice Beach - like all the other locations listed here - is sure to provide a perfect day for anyway looking for a little bit of fun in LA.