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The Nisei Week Japanese Festival comes to Los Angeles

11 Aug 2014 6:23 PM
The Nisei Week Japanese Festival comes to Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts a significant population of Japanese-Americans, and the time for their annual celebration of their culture has come. In fact, Angelenos of all backgrounds love to go to the Nisei Week Japanese Festival every single year - it's surely one of Los Angeles' most widely appreciated cultural standards.

Indeed, it is a standard of Los Angeles, as well-known as the Hollywood sign or much of the luxury real estate that's located in the area. The 2014 iteration of the festival will represent its 74th anniversary, as the first festival was held in Little Tokyo in 1934. Since then - obviously - the fest has evolved considerably. 

"The Nisei Week Foundation is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote Japanese and Japanese American heritage and traditions while bringing together the diverse communities of Southern California through arts and cultural education," wrote Masao Okamoto, president of the festival's foundation and committee, in a recent note. "Supporting our mission, we are proud to present the Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Los Angeles' historic Little Tokyo community. Commencing in 1934, this celebrated tradition is currently one of the longest running ethnic festivals in the United States."

The festival is much more than a small attraction at this point - it's a week long celebration of Japanese-American culture, spanning many different points of interests and types of events. Better yet, it's all going on this very week!

So what events are happening this week?
As many Angelenos are likely aware, the Nisei Festival has been going on for days now already - but it's not nearly ready to start slowing down. There's an awards dinner tonight at the local Hilton, and a Pioneer Luncheon on Wednesday. Both events require registration and fees prior to attendance, so check out the festival's website before you head over. 

There's plenty more going on this weekend, as well: the Nisei Week Car Show occurs at 7 p.m. on Saturday, and the closing ceremonies take place Sunday afternoon, for two examples. Yet there's plenty more for locals to take in, should they want to spend their days off at this storied and celebrated festival.

Events, parades and festivals that support cultural heritage have become a standard in Los Angeles - but few are as storied as Nisei Week. If you haven't already been down to the festival grounds, you want to get there this week - before you have to wait for next year!