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Mending the chain: Fleetwood Mac returns to L.A.

7 Jun 2013 11:05 AM
Mending the chain: Fleetwood Mac returns to L.A.

Thirty-five years ago, Fleetwood Mac released the album "Rumours," which would go platinum a staggering 11 times and become the band's hallmark album. At the time, the album seemed to signal the end of the band - the group's twin romances appeared to be fraying and tensions were high. In many ways, these harbingers were justified, as the group floundered in the wake of "Rumours" and underwent several lineup changes.

However, almost four decades later, Fleetwood Mac is back on the map and returning to the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a highly anticipated show on July 3. Drawing heavily from "Rumours," this concert is expected to be the perfect opportunity for long-time fans and newcomers alike to watch four of the group's five original members run through some of that album's most enduring hits. 

Many fans may be worried that the 35 years that have passed since "Rumours" sat atop the charts for 31 weeks will have caused the group to lose some of its urgency and precision, but all signs point to the contrary.

The group has recently embarked on a expansive tour that features new and old songs, with the bulk coming from "Rumours." The upcoming Los Angles show is right in the middle of this much-heralded run, and if the first leg is any indication, the show at the Staples Center will be an event not to be missed.

After the tour's first performance in Columbus, Ohio, Curtis Schieber, a music critic for The Columbus Dispatch, wrote about the performance's turn-back-the-clock quality and the individual members' amazingly resilient talents.

"The million-sellers brought the house down," Schieber wrote. "Buckingham delivered leads that nearly burned down the hall. Nicks sounded terrific."

With such an extensive back catalogue along with several new songs in various stages of completion, Fleetwood Mac has plenty to offer new and old fans alike. Even after several decades, the group's captivating stage presence and musical inventiveness has not been diminished. 

This is especially true of Stevie Nicks, the band's beloved voice, and Lindsey Buckingham, the group's musical engine. After a recent concert in Seattle, Gene Stout, a critic for The Seattle Times, singled out these two members for their enduring ability to enthrall audiences and play pitch-perfect renditions of the band's biggest hits.

"The star power of Nicks and Buckingham, who traded lead vocals and sang duets, enthralled the audience on such songs as 'Go Your Own Way,' 'World Turning' and 'Don't Stop,'" Stout wrote.

Owners of Los Angeles real estate will get a chance to see for themselves in a show that will likely be one of the city's musical events of the year.