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Chef walkabout spring series to kickoff with Jessica Koslow of Sqirl

25 Mar 2014 9:25 AM
Chef walkabout spring series to kickoff with Jessica Koslow of Sqirl

In addition to its many rich and famous residents, the city of Los Angeles is also home to a diverse community of gourmet restaurants, accomplished culinary maestros and adventurous gastronomes. Largely thanks to its vibrant neighborhoods, comfortable year-round weather and extreme walkability, one of the latest trends seen within this Golden State metropolis has been chef walkabouts. During these exclusive events, area food lovers are given the chance to gain insight on local professionals' personal approach to cuisine, as well as the inside track on where the best ingredients can be found.

This week, on the evening on Wednesday, March 26, those living in and around Los Angeles will be offered the opportunity to spend some time shadowing chef Jessica Koslow, of Sqirl Kitchen in Virgil Village, as she leads an informational tour of the Altadena Farmers' Market from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you're interested in high-end fine dining - and enjoy knowing the source of the food that compose your favorite dishes - you might want to consider signing up for this entertaining and educational occasion, as it is sure to be a memorable experience for all. 

Intimate event marks first installment of spring series
Sponsored by A Sustainable Kitchen, an organization headquartered in nearby Venice that aims to bring widespread awareness to sustainability issues affecting millions of individuals, these walkabout events look to unite area producers with local culinary professionals, as well as the individuals who ultimately consume the fruits of their labor. Wednesday's installment acts as the season's first, which will then be followed by one in early April, where Rustic Canyon's Jeremy Fox will guide individuals through the Santa Monica Farmers' Market in support of  the New Village Charter High School's school garden and nutritional class program. Similar events will follow in the summer and fall, according to LA Weekly.

"The walkabouts are on site 'tutorials' where chefs share their personal and professional insights on how to best utilize the seasonal bounty of the farmers market," A Sustainable Kitchen told the news source. "Each one will benefit a specific effort to fight local food deserts." 

Tickets to the upcoming gastronomic affairs cost $50 each, and can be purchased online through the official event website. Donations will also be accepted. Proceeds from Wednesday evening's walkabout will benefit the Altadena Community Garden. 

However, those interested in attending this, or any subsequent walkabouts are encouraged to reserve their spot as soon as possible, as the size of each event will be limited to just 12 guests. This ensures that every participant will have the unique opportunity to interact with the farmers and chefs, enjoying exclusive access to the markets' offerings and specialized instruction from industry professionals. 

Koslow lauded for expert skill set, commitment to local produce
As a celebrated chef throughout Los Angeles' culinary scene, Koslow has built her reputation around the use of fresh local ingredients and expert precision through which each recipe is executed. Primarily known for her exquisite jams and preserves, she has garnered critical acclaim for her restaurant and unfaltering support of the Altadena Farmers' Market.

Founded in 2012 by Joseph Shuldiner, the market at 600 West Palm Street is often referred to as an "incubator" for LA-based backyard farmers, food industry entrepreneurs and established sources of sustainable and organic produce. Sponsored by the Altadena Community Garden, a non-profit organization, dozens of small businesses and up-and-coming eateries currently comprise the roster of featured vendors.

Proceeds raised during the upcoming walkabout will be put toward the organization's educational efforts and ongoing work in spreading community gardens across the country.