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Taking a tour of inventive Los Angeles homes

15 Oct 2012 8:37 AM
Taking a tour of inventive Los Angeles homes

Los Angeles is known the world over for its fashionable residents. In fact, many local magazines, blogs and photographers focus almost exclusively on capturing the stylish citizens and their up-to-the-minute outfit choices. However, the city's propensity for keeping up with the neighbors doesn't stop at sartorial scrutiny - the area's home design trends are equally studied.

Many residents and tourists take time out of their schedules to visit famous and ornate luxury homes in the area to stay abreast of the latest and greatest trends in home design. In fact, several organizations host regular tours of local homes to help provide a sense of how the most fashionably minded citizens are choosing to outfit their abodes.

A recent home tour hosted by the Glendale Historical Society is a perfect example of this. On September 30, dozens of guests were led around the city and taken to five captivating homes - four Spanish Revivals and one Tudor Revival, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The selected homes showed a wide range of choices - both in terms of inventive architecture and painstaking interior design. Locals who are looking for ideas to bring classical touches to their own homes may want to get in contact with the Glendale Historical Society, which regularly offers spellbinding visits to some of the city's more famous and coveted properties.

However, as the city has no lack of unique homes, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that there are many more options for design-minded residents. In addition to the regular tours, there is also a significant number of show houses in and around the city that provide a great way for curious citizens to get a taste of modern design trends and classic decorating techniques.

One example is the Santa Barbara Design House and Gardens, owned by the actor Dennis Franz and his wife, which allows people to get an up-close look at an elegant property that demonstrates a creative approach to remodeling. Each of the home's rooms - as well as much of the outdoor property - offers guests a glimpse into a designer's thought process.

The guest bedroom, for example, was decorated by Ryan Brown, who gained fame on the Bravo series "Flipping Out." Using his well-trained eye, Brown organized the room in a way intended to make guests feel as if they were staying in a four-star hotel.

"Ultimately putting a row of art above the bed framed it perfectly," Brown told the source. Throughout the process, Brown said he vacillated regularly about what approach to take with the room. "At the last minute we decided to put [a hanging chair] in the corner. As much as you plan, inevitably you will move things around. Design must be fluid."