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Los Angeleans update, enhance backyards with natural swimming pools

18 Jun 2013 6:15 PM
Los Angeleans update, enhance backyards with natural swimming pools

California has long been the cultural center of the West Coast, with its largest city acting as the venue for innovation in fashion, music, film and design.

As summer months approach as temperatures continue to rise, an increasing number of owners of Los Angeles real estate have decided to adopt a trend seen on affluent European estates and incorporate natural swimming pools into their property's green space.

With a sizable shift seen toward organic agriculture in recent years, consumers are now looking for unprocessed ways to cool off. And, as chlorinated pools require the constant monitoring of chemical levels and water quality, this alternative has emerged as a popular choice. The Los Angeles Times outlined this movement in a recent article, detailing a number of local companies that have observed an exponential hike in business. Touting systems approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, these organizations are making a splash in the residential pool and spa industry. 

The feature not only provides individuals with an effective way to seek solace from the heat, but also adds a pleasing aesthetic to their homes. Those who choose to include a natural swimming pool on their property can enjoy the following advantages:

Reduced need for regular maintenance
As these organic amenities include a nearby connected small pool that houses plants and other organisms that keep the water quality high, owners seldom need to worry about the pH balance of their natural pools. While it is possible to install filters, the feature's own ecosystem typically does all the work that's needed. Including one could ensure the water is constantly being aerated and never becomes stagnant, but this effect can also be achieved by installing a fountain or other refined water fixture. 

Ability to incorporate modern style
Infinity pools are a popular style of the recreational feature that can be found in many Los Angeles homes, and natural pools can be constructed to include such elegant designs. Though some may strive to achieve a natural look - as if the swimming hole was always a part of their land - others prefer to adorn the outdoor amenity with sophisticated design elements like fine woods, metals and glass. 

Additionally, number of materials can be used for the liner, including cement and tiling, a thin, environmentally-friendly membrane or even gravel. If homeowners really want the "au naturale" look, they can opt to include no lining, and instead enjoy a muddy or sandy encasement.