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LA residents bring floating staircases into their homes

25 Jan 2013 10:56 AM
LA residents bring floating staircases into their homes

There are many aspects of Los Angeles luxury real estate that set it apart from the residences found in most neighboring communities. Lush landscaping, pristine pools and awe-inspiring views are beloved elements of many homes in the area. However, it is the residents' penchant for trend-setting styles and interior design approaches that truly earns the city its reputation for compelling home design.

Floating up the stairs
Recently, a new approach has gained popularity in the Los Angeles area. Floating staircases have been popping up in high-end homes across the city, and interior designers and architects have started taking notice. According to California Home and Design, Los Angeles residents have quickly embraced the modern staircase style and added their own touches as they install the new fixtures in their homes.

Essentially, floating staircases discard traditional banisters and stairwells in favor of a more gravity-defying look. In most cases, the treads are unconnected to each other and are instead affixed to walls, which creates a weightless, almost optical illusion-like effect.

Walstrom House
One famous local example is in the Walstrom House in Santa Monica. There, architect John Lautner crafted a wooden stairway leading to a free-standing loft. However, with gaps between each step and no handrail, the staircase lends the rooms it connects a whimsical - if potentially vertigo-inducing - feeling.

Clean and simple
As the possibilities of floating staircases expand, many Los Angeles residents are considering incorporating them into their homes. According to Homedit, the new feature is best suited for homeowners hoping to establish a minimalist atmosphere in their residences. The clean, simple staircases fit best in rooms without clutter and free of excess furniture.

Suspending disbelief
Not all floating staircases use nearby walls for support. Increasingly, some intrepid owners are hanging their staircases from the ceiling using intricate systems of wires and steel cables. According to Houzz, this method does not provide the unencumbered look of wall-hugging staircases, but it can create a compelling aesthetic nonetheless.

Not for the faint of heart
Floating staircases - whether attached to the wall or suspended by cables - are not a good idea for homeowners with even the faintest fear of heights. as the empty spaces between steps and the lack of a banister are too much for many people. However, for those brave, cutting-edge homeowners unafraid of climbing gap-filled staircases, floating stairs could be just the feature to bring your Los Angeles home to the next level.