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Give your San Francisco bathroom a Japanese-inspired makeover

1 May 2013 10:05 AM
Give your San Francisco bathroom a Japanese-inspired makeover

Many San Francisco residents want to spruce up their bathrooms, but the room can be notoriously difficult to upgrade. Unlike other rooms, bathrooms are not designed for entertaining, but that doesn't mean they don't play an important role in a home's ambiance and functionality. As a result, many designers are beginning to pay more attention to creative and elegant bathroom designs. One approach to this problem has begun gaining traction among owners of San Francisco real estate - Japanese-influenced washrooms. 

Zen and the art of bathroom maintenance
Known for its simplicity, functionality and enduring appeal, Japanese home design has long been a popular choice for many rooms in the house. Until recently, though, the bathroom was largely exempt from this trend. This has been changing as new styles and products have flooded the market, and homeowners across America have begun looking for ways to add tranquility and elegance to their lavatories. 

According to Houzz, clean lines, simple decorations and an emphasis on function can help transform your bathroom into a Japanese-influenced comfort zone. For example, a few specific scents - like such Japanese staples as cypress and citrus - can help imbue your washroom with Japanese elegance. Fresh, odiferous wood - like the aforementioned cypress - is another staple of Japanese bathrooms, and homeowners can benefit from wood-lined walls or even soaking tubs.

Subtle separation
Another touchstone of Japanese-inspired bathroom design is carefully separated areas. According to Decoist, bathrooms that have distinct areas divided by solid panes of glass or translucent curtains increase privacy without sacrificing natural light or relying on unnecessary, cumbersome obstructions that sap a bathroom of functionality. This is especially useful for smaller bathrooms in which a solid, floor-to-ceiling wall can often accentuate a feeling of claustrophobia.

Thinking green
Another benefit of Japanese bathroom designs is that they are often more eco-friendly. Incorporating elements like on-demand hot water and energy-saving toilets can help Bay Area residents reduce their carbon footprints without forgoing any elegance or functionality, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Whether you are redesigning your bathroom to improve your home's ambiance, make it more guest-friendly or simply to go green, a Japanese-inspired restroom can have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of your home.