With a decade of real estate experience and a flair for finance, Todd Kohn turns his knowledge into power for his clients. He believes that being a great agent in today's market is all about service, including listening to the client, knowing the market, understanding the subtleties of negotiation and getting it right the first time. That philosophy has earned Todd Kohn the trust, referrals and repeat business of a substantial clientele.

Prior to his real estate career, Todd earned an MBA at Purdue University and worked in finance and accounting for entertainment companies. He produced two short films at UCLA and continues to work with numerous clients in the entertainment industry. His finance skills help him analyze pricing trends, explain options and negotiate on his clients' behalf.

Todd is a problem solver and a perfectionist. He understands that each escrow has its own challenges, and that no two are alike. By staying on tip of the process and communicating clearly, Todd can ensure that his clients are treated fairly and get the terms that make the most sense. He can be certain that the transaction is managed correctly.

A real estate investor with properties as far away as Myrtle Beach, SC, and Spokane, WA, Todd Kohn expertly represents sellers and buyers throughout Los Angeles's Westside.