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A writer and editor, Tara Tyson has covered Los Angeles nightlife, dining, fashion, travel and events, collaborating with designers, actors and celebrities on personal and creative projects, even editing a book that went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. She honed her marketing skills creating press releases and publicity materials, and went on to be the publicity coordinator for a network television show. After working for years in the entertainment industry, she forayed into college teaching, expanding and diversifying her network of friends and contacts.

Coming from a family long-involved in real estate as both agents and investors, Tara has personal knowledge of the business that helps her intuitively understand sellers and buyers, empowering her to negotiate creatively and tenaciously in every deal of any size. Home prices may rely on location, location, location, but Tara knows a client's satisfaction relies on the relationship with the agent, which is why she commits to each client as her top priority.

Tara has a graduate degree in creative writing and an undergraduate degree in English, with a double minor in business and Spanish. In her free time she enjoys baking for friends, taking ballet classes, reading for her book club, traveling anywhere she hasn't yet been and teaching herself guitar.