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Greater Los Angeles, Southern California

A Los Angeles native, Stormie Leoni is familiar with the characteristics that make each neighborhood across her city unique and special, from the Westside to the San Fernando Valley. Whether buying or selling fine homes or income properties, Stormie is dedicated to exceeding the lifestyle and investment goals of her clients, as demonstrated by her hands-on business approach. Stormie executes every showing appointment and open house personally, and considers the unique needs of each client with great care.

Prior to launching her career in real estate, Stormie held several positions in the entertainment industry at Epicenter, Variety, and NBC Universal. She maintains strong ties with industry clients, and understands the need for confidentiality in handling transactions for high profile clients.

Her studies at Duke University took Stormie around the world, from Buenos Aires to Madrid and London, during which she garnered a true appreciation for international culture, architecture, and design aesthetics. Stormie’s experiences living abroad help her cater to clients from all corners of the globe.

Growing up, Stormie attended The Center for Early Education in West Hollywood and The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, and she is always thrilled to give back to these communities through alumni groups. Stormie is also an active member of her Duke University Alumni Chapter, where she co-chairs the Duke Women’s Forum. When she’s not working, you can find Stormie writing in a local café, or hiking in Temescal Canyon.