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Russell Filice

Russ Filice is a top-earning Realtor in the Sunset Strip office. Originally from Northern California, where he was also in that elite class of agents, he moved to Los Angeles in 2001.

As a child Russ was intrigued by architecture, floor plans and visiting open houses every weekend. Not surprisingly, at 18 he passed the exam for his real estate license, allowing him to sit open houses for busy realtors during his years at Santa Clara University. Graduating with a BA in Commerce, he worked for KPMG, a global company providing multidisciplinary financial and accounting skills, and specialized in real estate taxation for high wealth individuals. Following this, he discovered the art of branding and marketing, launching a line of sportswear that was distributed in the US and throughout Europe in over 300 accounts. Selling the company after five years, he was drawn back to real estate.

A Designers Illustrated writer recently wrote, "Russ is hard to keep pace with. He is fearless in an understated way. Sit down with him for 10 minutes and he gets the picture of who you are and what you want."

Russ is a unique entity for the Los Angeles, high-pressure realty scene. He does not have to make a deal; he wants to.

This passion has driven his re-marketing of Sierra Towers, making it one of the hottest places to purchase on the Sunset Strip. With a grand history of residents from Old Hollywood to politicians, the 1964 modernist building had fallen into neglect. After purchasing there, Russ was inspired and re-imaged the towers into its current, freshly branded status as chic and fashion-forward. Current owners include celebrities and entrepreneurs. A LA Times article quotes residents referring to Russ as the velvet rope realtor for the Towers. He loves the building and the quintessential Los Angeles vibe of the surrounding area, through which his reputation continues to expand.

As well as specializing in California, Russ is actively involved working with his international clients. He loves residential real estate since working in the field requires creativity from the art of the deal to re-thinking the design of the home with the client.

When Russ is not working he actively participates in environmental and community charitable events.