Rosemery Portillo

Rosemery Portillo is a real estate agent, a design junkie and an urban explorer. She's been in a serious relationship with Los Angeles since 2005 when she moved from her hometown of Houston, TX. She's proud of her southern roots and never thought she'd find a similar kind of hospitality elsewhere, but when she found the same warmth from Angelenos, plus the mountains, beach and desert all within driving distance, she knew she was a lifer. Rosemery will always long for breakfast tacos, UH football games and her family dogs, Hurley and BeeGee, but these days she's happy with fresh sushi, Dodgers games and local wildlife.

Rosemery cut her teeth in Los Angeles, working in public affairs and event planning which took her to venues all over the city. She has been fortunate enough to reside in several different pockets of town, from West Hollywood to Mt. Washington, each with their own rich and varied personality. At her core, Rosemery is a collaborator who enjoys bringing people together. All of these qualities, partnered with her love and knowledge of Los Angeles, is what brought her into real estate.

Rosemery feels fortunate to work in Los Angeles, a city full of unique homes that speak to her interest in architecture and design. She hopes to share this passion with clients as she helps them navigate the housing market of this amazing city.