Martin Weiss has lived and worked in the Sunset Strip area for over 25 years. His expertise developed from listing and selling properties from the Outpost Estates West to Bel Air. He is constantly investigating new and novel ways to present residential properties to obtain their highest and best price.

Mr. Weiss's father was an early day film pioneer and a true entrepreneur. He was one of the first producers who entered the silent movie making field, which led him to become one of the serial kings of Hollywood. His other interest was real estate development and investments. Martin was introduced to both at a very early age.

Martin Weiss entered real estate by joining Kenneth Tinkham Enterprises, which was based on Sunset Boulevard. He became the highest grossing salesperson within the first year. He was appointed sales manager of Al Herd Real Estate Incorporated, one of the leading realtors in the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills area. He developed a 22-person sales force that became the highest grossing resale office at that time. Over the years he has established relationships with the leading salespeople and brokers in the industry, which works toward the benefit of his clients and their property.

Mr. Weiss believes that to truly represent the client, it is important to establish a trusting relationship, one that will allow him to bring his many years of experience and expertise to work toward the benefit of his client in the presentation and marketing of the property.

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