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Marc Giroux is Vice President and Brokerage Manager of Sotheby's International Realty's Los Feliz brokerage, comprised of over 70 successful real estate professionals specializing primarily in the eas side of Los Angeles, including the historic neighborhoods of Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz and Silver Lake-Echo Park.

As manager, Marc is committed to creating a high performing team through personalized coaching, training and leveraging the unparalleled resources and global reach of Sotheby's International Realty with the individual talents of each agent. His mission is to create a dynamic, fun, yet professional environment for his team.

One of Marc's greatest advantages as a manager is his first-hand knowledge of how to build a sustainable business in a shifting market. His 20+ years in the field on both coasts makes him uniquely qualified to help agents through the challenges this business presents. Marc has weathered several of the cycles common to the industry. He can teach it because he has done it.

Marc enthusiastically works to create an open sharing office with a prevailing win-win philosophy, where agents from new hires to seasoned top producers are enthusiastic about their business and the success of the overall office. Many of Los Feliz's top agents routinely volunteer to join Marc in training events and group discussions. In addition, Marc is a non-competing manager, with 100% of his focus on helping his agents achieve their business and life goals. Marc and his support staff's daily goal is to create an office that no agent would ever want to leave.

The results are clear. Sotheby's International Realty's Los Feliz office has extremely low turnover, and the majority of agents have been with the office for years.

Here's what one of his agents had to say:

"Marc Giroux is a consistent source of inspiration. As a manager, his skill in approaching problem solving with both ease and humor offers a purposeful calmness to our office. His focus on encouraging and enriching never wavers, and is a good example of his spirited leadership and faithful accessibility. With his open door policy and natural ability to make a person feel included, he empowers each of us to do better, to search deeper and to stand taller. Marc's creative ideas, inventive programs and positive approach set the stage for a better year, a better week and a better day." – Patricia Ruben

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