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Greater Los Angeles, Southern California

Kyle launched her real estate career immediately after graduating magna cum laude from UC Berkeley. A multidisciplinary degree in marketing and psychology gives her a strong foundation for success in real estate—she knows how to market any home to attract the right buyers and she has a knack for anticipating her clients’ needs to match them with the right property.

A native of San Francisco, Kyle developed a passion for real estate at an early age. As a child, she took her “play” seriously, using online resources to assess the value of her family’s home and research alternative properties across the globe. Kyle spent many hours pitching ideas and negotiating with her parents, who – despite clear evidence that home values in DC would skyrocket over the next decade – refused to budge from the Bay Area.

Since moving to Southern California, Kyle has worked with buyers and sellers across Los Angeles and become an expert in the many microclimates that comprise LA’s diverse market. She is an exceptional communicator whose perceptiveness, organization and infectious optimism make buying or selling effortless and enjoyable for her clients.

Extremely adaptable, Kyle has the rare ability to adjust her approach to best compliment each client and form the most effective partnership. However, despite her friendly manner and disarming smile, Kyle is a fierce negotiator who will do whatever it takes to ensure her clients’ satisfaction. She has mastered strategies to analyze the viability of any opportunity and assists her clients in making sound financial decisions. Numbers-oriented, Kyle's advice is always based on evidence rather than opinion.

When she’s not engrossed in her real estate business, you can find Kyle salsa dancing around LA, racing down the slopes of Tahoe, volunteering with various non-profits, or exploring restaurants on the Eastside. A balanced and fulfilling lifestyle is key to Kyle’s success.