Katherine Olsen

Katherine Olsen stands for honesty, experience, knowledge and efficiency. Those who are looking for an agent who embodies these attributes should look no further.

Katherine doesn't understand the phrase being honest to a fault because she believes there is no fault in being honest. She is not afraid to tell people the hard truth if she believes they will benefit from it.

Katherine has sold real estate for 15 years. Her experience ranges from selling an Amish farm to multi-million dollar homes, with everything in between. She has learned something from every transaction as each presents a unique obstacle to overcome.

People hire professionals for their knowledge. This is why Katherine stays on top of the real estate industry and its ever-changing trends. She reads industry publications and websites daily, attends Sotheby's International Realty office meetings weekly and commits to continuing education classes and seminars monthly.

Katherine loves efficiency. Incorporating the latest technology with old-fashioned legwork on her end, she provides efficiency and effectiveness to the selling or buying process.

Finally, Katherine really shines as a matchmaker. Her experience living all over Los Angeles, coupled with her natural curiosity for new things and her exceptional listening skills, has made her an ideal choice for anyone looking for help in matching their lifestyle with their home.

After having grown up on the East Coast, Katherine graduated from Florida State University and the California State University of Northridge. She loves animals and anything that gets her outdoors, such as golfing, tennis or bike riding.