Some find it sweet, while others speak of it as being where the heart is. For most, a home present the opportunity to own a small piece of life that can, in time, create a wealth of lasting memories and a future of financial security.

That's where Jon comes in. He helps to make that opportunity a reality. As one who has lived in a city for many years, Jon has gotten to know a good deal about its intricacies. Jon has learned about its culture, its sports, its traffic and most certainly its real estate. A graduate of UCLA and a resident of West LA for 24 years, Jon knows the Westside. He can't think of a more exciting place to live.

With seven years of experience as a Realtor specializing in such areas in Los Angeles as Century City, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Westwood and West Hollywood, Jon helps both buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives. He has extensive knowledge of each of these communities and will work tirelessly on behalf of his clients to make their next home buying or home selling experience a pleasant and successful one.

Knowledge of the community, strong negotiation skills and a commitment to providing excellent service are all crucial elements to consider when selecting the right real estate agent. For sellers, Jon brings a commitment to helping sell the home or property in a timely fashion while attaining the highest possible price. For buyers looking for homes or other real estate opportunities in Los Angeles, Jon works to find the ideal home. He provides all of the necessary tools for finding the right property. In addition, once he has narrowed down what the client is looking for, he begins the home showing process so the client can get a closer look at the homes that should be a good fit. Jon helps to negotiate the best possible deal for his clients with each and every real estate transaction.

Nothing satisfies Jon more than seeing the smiles that come with a successful real estate transaction.