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Greater Los Angeles, Southern California

Jane Roffis Fujinaka

Jane consistently achieves a high level of client satisfaction by helping her clients successfully balance the analytical with the emotional aspects of residential real estate. For almost ten years she's helped buyers and sellers navigate property transactions on the Westside, particularly in Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Brentwood and Westwood.

She has been able to successfully apply her past work experience in marketing, advertising and journalism to her work in real estate, and by the use of adaptive marketing techniques. For example, she treats open houses as research opportunities that give her insight into relevant buyer psychology. Her understanding of behavioral psychology is implemented in all aspects of marketing as well as during negotiations. Most important, Jane believes, is her ability to apply this steady stream of information to each situation. She constantly strives to find a better way to approach each aspect of each transaction and keep ahead of the curve.

Jane's extremely high escrow success rate has been achieved by carefully guiding buyers to make excellent choices, by helping sellers to choose the best buyers, by utilizing strong negotiating skills, by energetic and creative problem solving and by remaining actively vigilant throughout each transaction.

Jane has lived in Pacific Palisades for 20 years, where she raised her two sons, who attended Village School and Harvard-Westlake School and now attend Brown University. Jane is herself a graduate of Columbia University and Palisades High School. She also lived for many years in Santa Monica and Brentwood. She spends her free time hiking in the nearby mountains or along the beach with her husband and dog.

Buying or selling a home can be stressful. Jane does all she can to alleviate that stress by making the process go as smoothly as possible as she guides her clients toward their goals. She's also found that having a sense of humor definitely helps.