Jacqueline Gowers

Jacqueline's love of houses started at just 21 years old when she purchased her first home, a terraced two-up, two-down, 100-year-old farmer's cottage with no bath on the outskirts of London, England.

A few years later Jacqueline was ready to take on another challenge. She bought a 400-year-old thatched cottage set on a third of an acre, which, like her first purchase, needed masses of work. But as undaunted as she was the first time, she rolled up her sleeves and tackled most aspects on the long list of remodeling work needed.

Jacqueline came to Los Angeles in 1979, and by 1981 she had her real estate license. She was doing what she loves to do: not only remodeling homes to resell them, but helping buyers find their dream home. Jacqueline is not an agent who just wants to sell a home and move on. She is there for however long it takes to find that special place the client will want to call home for a very long time. She understands that location of course is very important, but so are all the aspects of a future home, including bedrooms, baths, d├ęcor, architecture and the potential for re-sale plus a good overall feel. As one of Jacqueline's clients told her recently, she is very tenacious. If a client desires it, she will find it.

If a client desires to sell their property, Jacqueline will do her up most to make that happen. She finds that the most important part is to price a home correctly. An overpriced property more often than not will just sit until the price is reduced to the current market value, by which time it is hard to retrieve the original excitement felt by buyers and agents when the property first hit the marketplace. With the world of technology moving at such a fast pace, it is critical that a property is found on as many real estate sites as possible. Jacqueline understands that this is the way the world now shops.

Once a property is in escrow, whenever possible Jacqueline will utilize people that she has worked with over the past few years who she believes are excellent at their professions, whether it be the title officer or escrow or mortgage broker, making for an almost painless transaction.

Jacqueline's areas of expertise include Hollywood Hills East and West, Hancock Park, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Studio City and Burbank.