Heather Dunsmoor

The daughter of an artist and a realtor/general contractor, Heather Dunsmoor spent her childhood summers helping her parents gut, remodel, and design homes back when flipping was a verb associated with acrobatics and the closest thing to a design blog was the latest print issue of Sunset Magazine. Surely the only pre-teen in town spending her spare time repurposing wallpaper sample books and discarded home wiring into sellable craft projects, it’s no wonder she naturally gravitated towards a career in real estate sales.

Real estate and design are a fundamental part of Heather’s background, but an additional two decades working in contracts and negotiations for high-profile performers taught her how to fight for her clients' needs, keeping the delicate balance between the integrity of the deal and the unspoken importance of keeping the bottom line intact.

Heather’s approach to real estate is organic, focusing on each client's individual needs. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all marketing plans and cheesy old-school sales techniques. Heather understands that buyers and sellers in Los Angeles are savvy and each situation is unique, so she brings honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency to every transaction. As your real estate agent, Heather's focus is to listen to your needs and work with you, helping you achieve your version of "The Good Life".