A lifelong resident of Malibu, Eva provides an exceptional depth of knowledge and professionalism of the area to her Los Angeles clients and the team of Dooney Real Estate Group. She understands that owning or building a home in Malibu requires a lot of unique guidelines and special challenges that are not found in other parts of Los Angeles. She feels it is not only her responsibility to help show her clients what to buy, but also what not to buy.

Eva studied abroad in Europe, with her emphasis in financial management. Upon her return, she worked with Virgin Sound and Vision in finance, directly with entertainers, actors and artists. Her previous career provided her with the experience of being flexible, thinking creatively outside the box and developing a passion for representing and negotiating on behalf of her clients. These are skills that she uses daily today. Eva feels lucky that Dooney Real Estate Group employs several state-of-the-art marketing and prospecting tools, which allow her to successfully help her clients in achieving their goals and dreams.

In her spare time, Eva works with the NFL and NBA as a private exclusive real estate agent for retired and active athletes and for various charities such as Operation Children, League for Children, UNICEF and the Animal Humane Society. She enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her dog, Jack.