Dealing with the ups and downs of being a full-time actor in the theatre and T.V. commercial world of Chicago, Brandy Brooks truly understands the concept of pushing forward and never stopping until you get a positive outcome. It is with that, she is able to continue to gracefully deal with the ups and down of the real estate industry and get her clients exactly what they want and need out of each transaction. Brandy entered the real estate world after graduate school at Columbia College Chicago where she studied Interdisciplinary Arts. She realized after a couple of months working at one of the leading real estate offices in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago she had found another one of her callings!

What Brandy really enjoys are the connections she builds with her clients. Brandy spent her childhood traveling all over the world for her parents' military career. She lived in places like Turkey, Japan, and Hawaii along with a handful of other places and this helped her understand that building relationships and accepting others' differences was most important ingredient to having a full and happy life.

Brandy and her family moved to Los Angeles four years ago for not only a change in scenery from the harsh Chicago winters, but to support her partner in his career in show biz.

Specializing in rentals in the LA area, Brandy not only goes above and beyond for her rental clients when most agents do not, but she also finds them the perfect home they are looking for. She believes that just because you rent doesn’t mean you have to suffer in a mediocre home until you can afford your own…which, she hopes she can help with too!