A longtime Californian, Bob has been representing individuals, couples and companies with different needs for over 30 years. Financial leaders, sports figures and artists have all turned to Bob to help them with their specific challenges, ranging from single projects to 100% personal management of their professional career.

Bob believes that being readily available and a passionate advocate for his clients are keys to his success. The practice of active listening, asking lots of questions and preparing a calculated negotiating plan ensures that he is helping his clients illuminate and achieve all of their needs and wants. He feels that having at arm's reach the support and deep resources of a company with such a passion for excellence allows him to serve his clients with state-of-the-art quality and care.

Bob specializes in residential homes and vineyard properties. He has owned and operated a 160-acre vineyard in California's North Coast, growing various clones of Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, he has been hired as a viticulture consultant for select vineyards in Colorado and California. He has the knowledge, experience and resources to assist their clients in making an informed decision regarding the purchase of agricultural property, whether for investment or lifestyle purposes.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing music and golf, spending time at the beach and gardening.